Waterfront Sunday

Just finishing my first glass of Sauvignon Blanc at Car Bar Sushi restaurant in the V&A Waterfront in Cape Town. It’s all good, I ordered ahead so my second glass is already at the table! 

Currently sat by myself enjoying the hustle and bustle going on around me. I needed a break from the walking as my feet aren’t really doing too well after the kayaking incident on Friday. 

In the not to far distance is the spectacular Table Mountain, with its ‘table cloth’ of cloud firmly in place. The sight is certainly quite impressive behind the beauty of the harbour here at V&A. 

I’ve ordered some California Crab and some Prawn & Avocado rolls while I enjoy my own company. The others are checking out what the Victoria Wharf mall has to offer in terms of shopping, as this is the first chance we’ve had to do any proper shopping. 

As with any city, Cape Town seems to have a real blend of nationalities and a diverse feel to its people. I’m assuming most of the folk around me are tourists but then I’m also hearing a lot of Afrikaans accents as well. It’s quite a beautiful accent as I’m sure anyone who knows it will agree. 

To get us to the city we took the train for the first time. It’s certainly the cheapest way to travel when we paid just R13.50 for an hour’s journey. That’s about the equivalent of 0.75p in the UK which is absolutely unheard of. First Class too, as we were warned not to buy standard class tickets as it’s too dangerous!

It’s a shame I’m slightly physically disabled at the moment as I’d love nothing more than to explore this gorgeous part of the city and wonder around the shops for a bit. But I’m quite content sitting at this harbour restaurant drinking wine and eating sushi. I swear this trip isn’t just a holiday. My next post will most definitely be about the work I’m doing. Promise.


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