I woke up today to the sound of the thrashing wind and rain against my window. It’s good to see rain like this because the water reserves here have been running low due to a long spell of dry weather. So although I’ll be needing my raincoat to get to school this morning, the cool caress of raindrops on my face will be a refreshing change to the intense heat of the sun. 

I leave the house each morning around 8:15 to get to school by 8:30. I hop on the bus (and don’t sit at the front to avoid money duties) that takes us to Masi, then it’s just a short walk to the school where my class will just about be finishing their porridge. 

My class is made up of 21 four to seven year old boys and girls, with varying abilities and different levels of English. I’ve managed to learn all their names in just a few days, and with some like Ncubeko and Misokuhle it was quite a challenge. The kids are generally very well behaved, although at times they do get out of hand so I’ve needed to shout a lot already.

My teacher loves to wander off and leave me with the class. At first this was quite daunting, especially since this is the first time I’ve stood up in front of a classroom of children as their teacher. However I quickly became accustomed to being the only adult in charge and I’ve had to develop my own ways of controlling the group when they start to mess about. 

My school day wraps up around 12:30, which is a dream. After the kids have their lunch, they lay down their little mattresses and go to sleep until their parents come to collect them later on in the afternoon. So this means teacher is no longer needed, and I bid them farewell until tomorrow. At this point they are really quite sweet, as they all quietly say, “Bye teacher” as I grab my things and head off. 

After one week with my class I feel like I’ve really got into the routine of the school day, and really built a connection with my students and I’m so pleased to see them responding to my questions and commands a lot better than they were on my first day! 

Now it’s time to enjoy the weekend and see a little bit more of Cape Town and the surrounding area before Monday rolls back around again. 


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